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Character: Feitan
Series: Hunter x Hunter 2011
Canon Point: Just before fighting the Chimera Ant queen in Meteor City.
Price: Lost his Hatsu to the spirits of Pariagium.

Notes/warnings: Feitan is working with Phinks, since the other man's short term memory was taken by the spirits. They are forming a new fighting strategy based around battling in synch, each compensating for the other's weakness (one with no hatsu, the other with no memory). Some content may range from Phantom Troupe antics, to darker themes.

I portray Feitan speaking in his native language when angered by visually just reversing his speech, so it can still be understood by the reader.

 photo feitan_6__hxh__by_acetaris-d8cltk2_zps4nn7wgjw.jpg
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